JustTekno.com makes a Privacy Policy for every visitor to this site to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the privacy of every visitor to this site. Please read carefully the privacy policy of this site. This Privacy Policy describes how we use and protect any information that you provide when using this site.

This Privacy Policy Applies to

  • JustTekno.com to show how the manager uses every information we take through this site.
  • This Privacy Policy does not apply to sites other than JustTekno.com. Please note that on this site there are many links to many other sites provided to help you find information more easily. The manager is not responsible for handling personal information on the site. We recommend that you always see the site’s Privacy Policy before you decide to provide your personal data.

Information we take from users

There are 2 types of information that we take from users

  • Voluntary information that you provide when discussing through comment forms, participating in communities, participating in contests or quizzes.
  • Information taken with technology when you browse this site.

Voluntary information that you provide V

Participate in the community

Currently JustTekno uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as a community forum. By joining one / all of this site community, we will find out some information about you, such as: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook usernames. You will receive information every time if there is an update to the content of this site through your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. We also advise you to see the Facebook , Twitter and Instagram privacy policies .

Participate in Contests, Quizzes or Sweepstakes

From time to time JustTekno will hold contests, quizzes or sweepstakes. We will collect your personal data such as Name, Address, Email, Phone Number or other data. We collect the data for the prize taking process. If JustTekno.com needs to provide your data to a third party, we will notify you first. If you do not want your data to be unknown to third parties (sponsors etc.), you are free not to take part in any contests, quizzes or sweepstakes on this site.

Information Collected by Technology


Cookies are data stored on a user’s computer that are related to that user’s information. These cookies are used to make it easier for you, such as remembering passwords automatically and session management.

We also use cookies for visitor statistics. Find out how many visitors, time to visit, pages that visitors opened, and how long visitors visited this site. We use statistical analysis to improve the quality of the site so that it is more in line with the needs of visitors.

You can choose to accept or reject cookies. All web browsers by default accept cookies, but you can modify them to reject them if you don’t want them. But rejecting cookies allows you to not be able to enjoy the overall features and conveniences available on this site.

We never use cookies to collect your personal data that you don’t want to give us.

Google Adsense and the DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google, as a third party advertising provider, uses cookies to display advertisements on JustTekno.com. The use of DART Cookies by Google allows them to display advertisements based on visitors’ visits to this site and other sites on the internet.

To not use the DART cookie you can visit the Google Ad and Content Netkork Privacy Policy in the following url


Visitor tracking through the DART Cookie mechanism is fully regulated in the Google Privacy Policy .

It is possible that the advertising provider as a third party uses cookies to display effective and relevant advertisements. JustTekno.com does not have access and control over cookies used by third parties. All cookies used by third parties are governed by the third party Privacy Policy.