JustTekno is a blog that discusses everything in the form of technology Be it reviews, tutorials, and others that are still about technology.

JustTekno starts to be made on February 14, 2019. For more complete information please see the JustTekno timeline.

JustTekno Timeline

February 14, 2019: JustTekno domains are registered and websites are being developed. Facebook JustTekno Pun has been made.

February 15, 2019: This page is written together with the Contact page .

February 16, 2019: The Terms of Service page is written.

February 17, 2019: The FAQ page is written.

February 21, 2019: The Privacy Policy page was written.

February 23, 2019: Justtekno was first released, JustTekno’s Twitter and Instagram were just created.