Android 10 confirmed to be released on September 3rd

Android 10

Recently released a new Logo for Android, Google is no longer uses a dessert name again for her OS name. Starting from Android 10, The Android will use the version number of the OS as the OS name. Because that, the next major release of Android will be named Android 10 and we’re have a potential released date of Android 10.

According to PhoneArena, which has asked Google about Android 10 Release Date through Google Support Agent, the Android 10 will be released on September 3rd, 2019. They also asked a different Google Support member and get the same answer with the previous agent which make the news can be trusted.

Android 10 Release Date
Android 10 Release Date

When the release date is correct, the Android 10 will be shipped to Google Pixel first. Other manufacturers have their respective release date to ship the Android 10 to her Smartphone.

So you just counting the day until September 3rd to see the public release of Android 10.