Edge Dev Build comes with dark mode for Windows 7 and 8.1

Edge Dev

Microsoft today released Microsoft Edge Dev Build with several new features and improvements which previously you have seen on the Microsoft Edge Canary Channel.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge Dev Build

New features and behavior

  • Added more strings to the translation work
  • Prevent IE-Mode in Application Guard containers
  • Ability to set text size and background theme in Reading View is now under flag.
  • Ability to use dark mode on downlevel Windows versions 7, 8 & 8.1
  • Search box now clears content with Esc or “x” button

Fixes for improved reliability: 

  • Fixed a crash on Extensions page.
  • Fixed a crash in API keys
  • Fixed a crash while opening PDFs
  • Fix crash in Sync service
  • Fix crash due to cached call in renderer
  • Fix deadlock in Windows, where Microsoft Edge blocks shutdown.
  • Fix crash in JSON parser

Fixes for improved behavior:

  • Fix preventing URL redirection in Application Guard.
  • Fix to prevent creation of database until needed (performance)
  • Subpage headers display the number of search results.
  • Fix to close Profile UI on sign-in
  • Dev Tools support using OS theme color on Windows 10
  • Fix color contrast for selected favorites
  • Fixed Copy / Paste keyboard shortcuts on macOS
  • Fix for z-order on history page
  • Fixed transparency issue on First Run Experience
  • Strengthened launching logic for PDF to specified file names and paths
  • Fix to show FavIcons in Favorites management page.
  • Fix for account removal in Identity
  • Fix for sign-in where account pop-up was not topmost window.
  • Fix for data imports from Chrome and Edge during First Run experience.

Users of Microsoft Edge Dev channel can update to this build by navigating to Setting > About Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Edge will checking for update automatically. Microsoft has released a new Enterprise tab on microsoftedgeinsider.com .This means the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is now ready for Enterprise Evaluation. you can download the Offline Installer and a policy file from the Enterprise tab in Microsoft Edge Insider Site.